Imesa is one of the important agents in the renewable energies sector thanks to its equipment for hydroelectric power stations and water treatment plants, especially its well-known automatic grille cleaners, specifically designed by our engineering department depending on each power station’s needs.

Our equipment is already present in more than ten countries, considerably improving the generating performance of power stations by always keeping the grilles at hydroelectric power station intakes clean.

Depending on the characteristics of the intake, there are various models of trash rack:

  • Fixed articulated.
    With a hydraulic arm capable of being articulated ending in a rake to allow optimum residue removal.
  • Fixed articulated swivelling.
    Hydraulic arm capable of being articulated to collect solids with the possibility of swivelling to remove residues.
  • Mobile articulated.
    Using a hydraulic arm with lateral movement. Capable of being articulated and ending in a rake to allow optimum residue removal.
  • Mobile articulated swivelling.
    Trash rack with lateral movement on guides and swivelling to make it easier to discharge solids into a container and use other means of removal.
  • Telescopic.
    Model created for specially designed intakes.
  • Mixed.
    For depths greater than 30 m, combining mechanical with hydraulic solutions
  • Solar.
    Designed for cases when there is no electrical power using solar panels and batteries.