We carry out all kinds of sluice gate projects for the different sectors and types of hydroelectric power station anywhere in the world, without limit on size, and in the best-quality carbon-painted, galvanised and stainless steel, sealed on three and four sides and different types of activation: manual electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.
Internationally, we are currently present in Portugal, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and the United States.

Depending on the project, we install:

  • Stop logs
    A sliding sluice gate on guides, its basic function is to achieve a dry area to protect a sector where maintenance and other works are being carried out.
  • Taintor or Radial
    Sector sluice gate whose function changes depending on the number of sides generating watertightness.
    + Regulates the level of water enclosed on three sides; in carbon steel and electrically or hydraulically activated.
    + For discharging drains with stagnant bottoms on four sides, in carbon steel and electrically and hydraulically activated.
  • Flap or swinging gates
    Automatic constant-level sluice gates for regulating levels upstream and downstream in open channels.
  • Guillotine
    Small three- or four-sided sliding sluice gate which is manually and electrically activated.
  • Fixed wheel
    This is a type of hydraulic sluice gate used in bottom discharges and dam intakes. It is activated via a hydraulic or pneumatic piston.
  • Channel
    Sliding sluice gate sealed on three sides used for regulating water loads in open channels, generally in carbon steel with any kind of activation.
  • Wall-mounted
    Sliding sluice gate with square or rectangular section, wall mounted and sealed on four sides. Used for regulating or isolating fluid in wells, tanks and pipe outflows. Made of carbon or stainless steel with any kind of activation.
  • Stoney
    EThis is a fixed wheel sluice gate with a special rolling system.