Imesa is a specialist in fitting metal fabric or mesh to unusual buildings giving a special distinction to facade enclosures, combining the practical nature of metal fabric with the new concepts of modern architecture. In this way, we give the design a visual impact while minimising the environmental impact of the building.
One of the advantages of fitting these metal fabrics is that we manage to promote energy saving, reducing the temperatures of the buildings in summer and improving the lives of their users.

Advantages of Imesa’s metal fabrics

  • They offer the best solar protection as they refract the radiation of the sun’s rays, protecting the glass structure of the buildings and preventing excessive heat inside the building while offering a more pleasant climate together with perfect visibility.
  • The building is provided with perfect noise insulation, as the steel and the design of the fabrics allow noise absorption, making it much more comfortable inside.
  • Impressive visual appearance, thanks to the different ways the steel reflects the light. Facades covered with wire cloth are very attractive aesthetically, enhancing the building where they are fitted.
  • They do not need any maintenance, as they are not damaged by bad weather.